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Location: Jaco, Costa Rica

Riding since: 2007

Frame: 2016 Grim Reaper

Sponsors: Red Bull,Eastern bikes, Fox, Osiris Shoes, Kymar Socks

Hobbies: Surf, Read, Mtb

Vehicle: Pick Up

Shoe size: 9



Easy Trick You’ve Never Been Able to Get: Turn Down, but never thinking easy, is super hard for me haha

Trick you wish you could do:  540 flair (should be able get it soon haha)

First Bike: No branded bike took me like 6 months to save the money, walking to school

First Trick you learned: pull up X-up

Favorite type of riding: Every thing on the bike is fun, stay on your pedals

What got you started riding: Dirt jump contest in my town, people smiling after tough tricks

Best place traveled: Anecy, France

Best road trip: Eurotrip by myself 3 months around Europe

What gets you motivated to ride: trying to beat my self every day

Describe your perfect session: 3 session in a day. Street, park, dirt with all of my friends since I started riding


Top 3

Spots: DDASC, Villa Skatepark, Cartago street spots(home town)

Riders: Daniel Dhers, Dennis Enarson, Kevin Peraza

Foods: Pizza, Pineaple, Peanuts

Musicians Right now: Wiz Khalifa, Drake

Movies: The Secret, Concussion, the pursuit of happiness

BMX videos: Garret Reynolds 6.0, Rock and Roll tour

Photographers: Rob Dolecki, Agustin Muñoz

Videographers: Ryan Fudger, Kyle Carlson, Arnaud Wolff



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